Marek Koprowski


I’m a freelance fashion designer, that specialises in combining different materials in unusual way. In this project, I’ve designed collection of unique bow ties made from the quality wooden pieces, recycled vinyl records of different colours, and fine fabrics. And we bring these materials together in the careful, handmade process. These accessories are one of a kind, not only because of the unique wooden and vinyl patterns on each piece. 

Currently in our store you can find only bow ties, but soon we will present you some more of crazy designs and beautiful accessories, that will be even more provocative. 

We adress these pieces to vinyl and fashion lovers, and every other person who like to stand out and express themselves with their own style. 

It’s not another boring bow tie.
From love to vinyl.

M. Koprowski


            Słowackiego 5/1
57-220 Ziębice, Poland